Turnkey service

Buying a new yacht from a shipyard it’s only a first step. In order to finally set sail on your brand new vessel, first you have to fully equip it, install and setup all the systems and acquire all the necessary permissions.

In most cases, yacht delivered by the shipyards is a DIY set. Mast and hull are separate, most of the equipment is onboard but not installed. Before we even put the yacht in the water, the hull must be thoroughly secured with at least couple layers of anti-fouling paint. Mast elements need to be assembled, as well as the rigging and sails. New yacht also needs lamps and antennas. Water, sanitary system need to be filled with water, and engine system with fuel. It also needs a startup technical check. To complete all these tasks successfully, you need experience and professional approach.

Unfortunately, when all this things are done, yacht is still not ready to set sail. What else do we need? For example: fenders, life-raft, life jackets, maps, courtesy flags, national flag and even 180 other elements of necessary equipment.

To meet the expectations of shipowners, we created the „turnkey service” for new yachts – the complete preparation of the ship for her first cruise. Starting from complex hull protection, through installation and setup of all vital yacht systems, equipment, appliances and finally registration and acquiring the necessary permissions. We carry on every part of the process in order to give you a boat that is fully prepared, checked and ready to set sail. We also provide this service for yachts that have to new owners and need adjustments and customization.

Our „Turnkey service” includes:

  • help and advice in contacts with shipyard and equipment choice;
  • support during yacht delivery (verification of the yacht construction and equipment completeness, etc.)
  • adjustment and modernization of original electric and electronic installations;
  • providing full yacht equipment and appliances;
  • customized equipment (i.e. coffeemaker, TV set, wine fridge, hotel accessories etc.)
  • check and setup of all yacht systems;
  • yacht registration and acquiring necessary permissions;
  • delivery of the yacht to the desired destination;

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