Standing and running rigging is an essential equipment on every yacht. It is constantly exposed to changing winds that cause wearing the ropes down. The comfort of sailing and safety depends on the good rigging condition, so it must be maintained regularly and replaced if necessary. In case of brand new yachts, the rigging must be professionally installed and thoroughly checked before the yachts sets sail for the first time.

In cooperation with top class specialists, we perform rigging inspections and conservation of both running and standing rigging along with the mast equipment. We can also customize, deliver and install completely new rigging on your yacht. We are experienced both in standard wire-ropes and string based rigging.

Choosing the new rigging we take under consideration factors such as: type and intended purpose of the yacht and other possible aspects that influence usage of either semi-elastic or rigid lines. In our offer we also have advanced material lines such as spectra or kevlar, which allows to reduce the diameter and weight of rigging and therefore enable to install smaller blocks, winches and grommets onboard.

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