Yachts building

If you dream about a yacht that meets all your expectations - we can build it for you. We will provide you with optimal construction solutions. We will design, build and test-sail your new yacht with individually adapted nautical capabilities, equipment and comfort onboard that fulfills your dreams.


From the keel to the mast

We specialise in yachts maintenance, refits and modernisations. In our offer we have full range of services including: hull works, boat building, ironwork, laminate repairs, electronic and power electronic systems, power and water hydraulics. Additionally, we deal with deck equipment upgrades, rigging, maintenance and interior design.

All the upgrades are followed by professional technical documentation and performed according to technical standards and laws. We guarantee the highest quality of service in our offer, no matter if it is a general overhaul or the upgrade of a device. We provide our services in our boatyard in Szczecin or in Europe.

Individual designs

On the yacht market you can find a variety of vessels of different standards and quality for multiple purposes, however, they do not always meet the expectations of many experienced sailors. For those with the highest demands BeFree Yard offers individual yacht designs and boatbuilding.


Untypical constructions

Yachts building is a combination of perfect craftsmanship, advanced technology and proven solutions. On this basis we apply the yachts building and equipment solutions also to other constructions, such as floating houses, campers and other vehicles for special purposes.

If you wish to live in a floating house in any place in the world, we will design it for you in every detail, fully furnished and it will be both ecological and comfortable. For those who love traveling by car, we can create a perfectly equipped and reliable camper with cosy and functional interior. Moreover, we design the interiors and equipments for special vehicles, e.g. blood donation buses.