Wojciech Siemiński, s/y BonBon (Sun Odyssey 42)

I’m a yacht master mariner, an PZZ instructor (Polish Yachting Association) and owner of the seagoing yacht. I’m also an experienced sailor. I know the owners of BeFree company for a long time, and multiple times I was their customer. The most challenging test of every cooperation is when problems occur. Every time it did happen – BeFree team passed the test exquisitely.

They always confronted every obstacle on our way and worked it out in a satisfactory manner. During the years of our cooperation there were situation, when we together worked on my boat. When I was tired and had enough – they kept their motivation and positive attitude for the work, even though it lasted whole day and night. Also on multiple occasions I had the opportunity to watch them during work, and every time I was impressed by their high quality, precision, neatness, high pace of work and its effectivity.

Moreover, I’d like to emphasize that BeFree team still improves their skills and quality. The proved it to me recently, when I asked them to perform repairs on my yacht far from their home. They did astounding work in very short time which bring me to a conclusion that they provide the best comprehensive services for yacht owners in whole Europe. These people are honest and straightforward, both in their work and private life. During the years of our acquaintance and cooperation – they have never failed me. That is why I highly recommend BeFree!