Rune Bjørnstadt, s/y Sea Sharp (Bavaria 37C)

If you are looking for the place to fix or upgrade your boat, stop looking, you’ve just found it.

My story with BeFree Yard started when I sent out around 40 requests for quotes for a long and varied list of work including maintenance, repairs and installation of new equipment. BeFree stood out as the most professional company by replying in a timely manner and with a clear and sensible offer for all the items on my list.

I left my boat with them in the fall and came back to pick it up in the spring. All along, BeFree provided me with progress reports, pictures, suggestions for changes to my list of work and so on. I never felt worried because my boat was far away. Now that I see the results of their work I can only recommend them wholeheartedly. Everything has been done, it has been done to perfection and delivered at the agreed time and at the agreed price. Of course there were changes on the way, both additions and deletions to my list, but the good people at BeFree always put me in the driver’s seat while giving me clear and good recommendations.

I suppose I should include something negative too, but I can’t really think of anything negative with this experience. I gave my boat to a supplier, but I picked it up from friends. They are simply brilliant!